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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Update-problem solved! Miers withdraws!

I am old enough to remember conservatives second-guessing President Reagan on innumerable issues. While I am concerned about Miers' experience (or lack thereof), maybe this is what the doctor ordered. I am not endorsing her necessarily, but in deference to President Bush's track record so far, I am willing to listen and give her a chance. Is that so wrong?

Thanks to Patrick Ruffini

Open letter to John F'ing Kerry

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
To John F'ing Kerry:

Dear John:
As you may know it's Tuesday (I thought I'd start slowly, since you did worse than President Bush at school.) Do you know why Tuesday is important? Because it's the FREE JOHN KERRY'S SF180 BLOGGER BONANZA! Sorry, I'll stop shouting now. You promised us on national television. We will even help you fill it out. Do you need a pen? Are there ketchup stains on it? What exactly is the F'ing problem? We will keep writing to you. We will keep writing about you. We will correct the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Once again, we ask you to let your 180 go!

I'm sure that this is a bipartisan effort, because as you have repeatedly reminded us, you are a war hero, so why should you or any of your followers be worried about releasing these forms? You guys should be happy to do so. Share your daring exploits with us. Hell, maybe I'll even vote for you, before I vote against you (now I know I've had too much cough syrup!) Did you throw it over a fence, or was it someone else's 180, or just a copy of the 180? It's so hard to keep it all straight isn't it? John, we'll talk to you next week, in the mean time-did you look under one of Teresa's couches?

If you would like to ask John F'ing Kerry where his 180 forms are, write him here