Chronicles of the Knights Simplar
Looking for Logic on the Liberal Left...this may take awhile

Welcome to the Chronicles of the Knights Simplar

Friday, September 30, 2005
Repost from August 20, 2005-first entry

I fear that I am the last member of this ancient order. Join me on my quest to find shining beacons of liberty and freedom. Who doesn't like shiny things? Well, I love shiny things, just look at this suit I'm wearing. You thought you had trouble getting through the airport? But that just goes to show how much I really enjoy shiny things.

Anyway, where was I...ah yes, join me on my quest to uncover the brave and shiny deeds of liberty loving heroes like Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Turner. Prime examples of the selfless, shiny (sorry) courage required to keep this great land of ours as free as Vichy France.