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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Note from the Editor: It is safe to say that we all can find laudable any attempt to relieve the suffering left in Katrina's wake. Sean claims to have saved a number of people, and I do applaud him for this. So why is Mr. Penn being criticized? Well, his actions really smack of a publicity stunt, and it's a lucky thing he didn't have to be rescued himself. This has been flogged to death already, so I'll just give you some good links instead:

For more on New Orleans, Sean Penn, and Tribes-
Iowahawk-for some Nawlins News Niblets
Eject! Eject! Eject!-on Tribes, very good stuff
Lonestar Times.com-some additional commentary on Tribes
Useless Knowledge (titled Sean Penn-the ultimate A-hole)
PoserPundit-for some insights into the smartest man in pop music

9/07/2005 09:10:00 PM |
  • Mucho Gracias for da linkage kind Sir. Always appreciated. Now let me go take a look around your little kingdom here.

    By Anonymous Mark Cross, at 11:37 PM  
  • I love your blog. this is my second visit...
    the linkage you have here is special....

    By Blogger Duke Davenport, at 11:56 PM  
  • I would also heap praise upon your linkages, were I not afraid that it might go to your head and cause great swelling so as you would have difficulty removing your shiny helmet. Instead I will say that the posts are as entertaining as ever and nice shoes Spicoli!!

    By Blogger MR.Thrope, at 5:54 PM  
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