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Operation Floodgate

Friday, September 16, 2005

The media frenzy surrounding the newly revealed evidence that President Bush is indeed subject to normal bodily functions is not only justified on many levels, but long overdue. Pundits on both sides of the fence have been looking long and hard (ahem) for concrete evidence of Presidential bodily functions. The Neo-Con Haliburtan-Zionist-Trilateral-Bilderburger-Boy Scouts of America intelligentsia Organization thought they had solid proof of Presidential humanity with actual DNA evidence on a blue dress, but this "so called irrefutable DNA evidence" was easily dismissed with the inscrutable philosophical question of "can you define the meaning of the word is?"
Yet it is still open to a number of interpretations. Maureen Dowd sniffed that "it is evident that W. can't hold his P.P. until he gets to his W.C."; the renaissance quality artiste, and Voltairesque commentator Ted Rall elaborated on this thought with the masterful quip that "Master George was directing his House N*gg** Condaleeza to fetch him a chamber pot right quick." Although Dennis Kucinich admitted that this may in fact be the final evidence countering his long established theory that George Bush is actually a space alien hybrid clone, Howard Dean dismissed that idea by stating that the entire episode was in fact "an elaborate, pre-planned hoax by Halliburton and their subsidiary KBR set up to deceive the American people...he never had to go in the first place...yheeeeghaaaeuaww!" [Editor's note-I already know that last one was a really cheap shot]
Neutral and even headed Political commentator Molly Ivins declared, "this is not something we Southerners usually write home about!" Cynthia Tucker queried "this is all well and good, but when do I get to go to the bathroom, Mr. President?" Indeed, Cynthia, indeed!

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