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Friday, September 09, 2005
The Holy and Wholly Inappropriate, Offensive Pretty Picture!
This is just too much to believe. This is the Flight 93 Memorial Design-"The Crescent of Embrace." If you don't know what's wrong with this picture, you can click the links below for all of the gory details, but in short-They intend to make the last 9/11 memorial out of the (wait for it)primary symbol of Islam. You can email the winning architect at paul@paulmurdocharchitects.com to tell him what you think. The National Park Service still has to make a final decision, so be sure to go to the Flight 93 Web contact form to tell them your opinion. Bryan Preston asks, "What next- a holcaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?" What would the (stop the) ACLU say if it was in the shape of a cross? see Ed Morrisey for more on that.

As usual, hat tip to Michelle Malkin
More about this at
Real Clear Politics
Little Green Footballs
Update-new design already in the works at Ace of Spades HQ

Before you even get started, I know, I know I'm a "hater." I hate the fact that Muslim fundamentalist whackjobs attacked our country and then we memorialize THEM at the scene of their crime. I'm going to go bang my head with two bricks until any of this makes sense to me.

9/09/2005 02:49:00 PM |
  • That is spooky, what is the symbolism od the design, the hijackers embracing their death and the death of the passengers? Some healing. I wonder how many people realize the symbolism of the symbol?

    By Blogger Wade Moline, at 9:07 PM  
  • Oh jimminy cricket! So now nobody can use a damn semi-circle because someone might think it's a secret endorsement of Islam???

    Hey, how 'bout a constitutional ammendment to ban looking at the moon when it's less than half full...


    By Anonymous Kevin, at 3:25 PM  
  • You're right, after all it's just incidental sybolism that really isn't integral to a monument. How about a monument to the Amercian Bison in the shape of a Henry repeating rifle; or to the South American rainforest in the shape of a bulldozer, or the Native Americans in the shape of a treaty-we could redo the monument at Pearl Harbor into a Shinto shrine, and for the enslaved North Koreans, I propose a water park (the dear leader loves water parks.) It's all just arbitrary symbolism isn't it?

    As for changing the constitution-I think we need to restrain ourselves abit on the whole "living breathing document" idea. Thanks for posting.

    By Blogger Tad Babbert, at 9:29 PM  
  • I forgot to add, gosh oh golly, gee golly wilakers, and me oh my...thank you for posting.

    By Blogger Tad Babbert, at 11:10 AM  
  • Just don't use a cross on the site, or the ACLU will sue because it's not "inclusive" enough, etc.

    By Blogger CSC5502D, at 3:27 AM  
  • Pretty astounding really, but we'll always have the conspiracy theorists among us.

    By Blogger Paladin, at 9:46 AM  
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