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I'm a Republican and I'm Ashamed of Democratic Tactics

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It is coming out that the "Republican Ashamed of this GOP" is actually a Democrat. His contributions to the DNC and John Kerry are coming to light. I am not holding my breath for the mainstream media to cover this in follow up stories. Wizbang has the list of campaign contributions. Hat tip to The Art of th Blog. What is impressive is that this "man" manages to fit two lies in using only eight words. He isn't a Republican, and he has no shame!

Let me cut the weaselers off at the pass. I know many corporations donate to both parties to cover their bases, but these are donations by private individuals, listed as Mr. or Mrs. Jeb Eddy depending on the donation. If you can find evidence of similar contributions by the darling couple to the RNC, then by all means, bring them to light, otherwise save your breath.