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Charade of Fools or See Cindy Smile

Monday, September 26, 2005
"The whole world is watching" Cindy Sheehan make a mockery out of the risks and sacrifices that real political dissidents face in their fight for freedom. I say this because she intentionally got herself arrested for the symbolism of it all. She wasn't being arrested for speaking, or protesting; she was arrested for sitting. Anytime and anyplace a person wants to protest and picket, the big rule is that you have to keep walking, and you can't obstruct traffic. I don't care if you're a paid picketer in front of Kmart-they will arrest you if you sit down. She was warned three times by the police (and I'll bet the farm they were polite while doing it,) and she ignored them. But the message Cindy and her handlers hope to send (with a very helpful media) is that the Bush administration and it's jackbooted thugs are squashing her right to free expression. Of course, to anyone with a brain, it is apparent that Cindy has had no trouble protesting and running her mouth, in Crawford, New York, and Washington (for the last day.)
By even hinting that there is solidarity or similarity between their sophomoric antics and the brave actions of those who have struggled and still struggle for basic freedoms against tyrannical and oppressive regimes (try Tibet, China, and the former Soviet Block for a few,) Sheehan and her handlers show their ignorance of and contempt for the very real sacrifices that the truly oppressed make in an attempt to achieve freedom. But Cindy has already made the ultimate sacrifice you say? No she hasn't, her son made the ultimate sacrifice-Cindy is enjoying her celebrity.

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UPDATE- Little Green Footballs has CODEPINK memo detailing plans to get Sheehan arrested. Talking points include Mahatma Ghandi!