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A Better Political Quiz, and Saturday Night Link-Fest Jamboree

Saturday, September 24, 2005
Basil's blog is having an Open Comment Party and Open Trackback Posting.

Sandor of The Zoo has the Blogosphere Political Compass Project. He's mapping the results from a variety of bloggers on a graph. I came out with a (6.5, .46), cozily next to Michelle Malkin who had a (6.8, 0 -no offense intended to Mr. Malkin!) Take the test and see who you come out by. I didn't see Ann's name on the list, but anyway- Ann! Call me!

One of the worst (and funniest) pictures you will ever see at California Conservative
Moonbattery has the latest American't sentiment regarding the planned "International Freedom Center" at Ground Zero
Right Thinking from the Left Coast has the life changing benefits of Tequila
Strange Women Lying in Ponds invites one and all to crash a barking moonbat festival on October 21st at UM Law
STOP the ACLU tells how the ACLU is Waging War On Recruiters-again
Amber Alert for President Bush's missing swagger at Scrappleface, he also reveals that most Americans are not actually in Iraq
Jihad Watch has the latest on, well, watching the Jihad. Islamic Clerics are asked to leave Somaliland