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Friday, September 30, 2005

Repost from August 21, 2005-mission statement
As I said, I am the last member of this ancient order. Why am I the last you might ask? Well, chicks don't seem to dig the armor as much as we thought they would (it does get hot at the beach), and since we are a monastic order, even if we get a girl, we couldn't, well, you know, make little Knights Simplars.

But I continue my mission unabated to cherish and celebrate the simple things in life. We are devoted to the simple things, and complexity in all of it's dastardly forms is our sworn enemy, although complex carbohydrates aren't that bad, and we don't go as far as the Amish (we use buttons, for example, and computers).

Specifically it is the search for simple thoughts that drives me and my trusty warhorse, Peanut, forward on our quest. Those thoughts that are unblemished by such things as consideration, contemplation, and reflection. I will brook no epistemological distinctions and I shall bear no logical causalities in my quest, so help me God! But where does one look to find such purity? Wait! I think Ted Turner just said something!