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Update-Crawford Protesters now have Catering

Thursday, August 25, 2005
As I was making my way to the next stop on my quest, word came to me by runner that things have changed in Crawford. Fearing that the poor protesters were being routed, I turned Peanut back and made haste, so that I could lend my steel to the battle, and smite the evil and jingoistic "Support our Troops" mob that I had learned about my last time in Crawford.

When I arrived I was relieved to see all was well, and that now they have a catering tent. I also spotted a "Chapel Tent", so I headed in that direction to make my daily supplication; I was also hoping to hear some good Gregorian Chanting, as it had been awhile. On my way there, I was intercepted by a woman with a clipboard, and directed to the "Orientation tent"- well I didn't like the sound of that. After my experiences in North Korea, I knew that "Orientation" can sting like the dickens.

Orientation over, I was handed a sign of protest and told where to go stand, but I had other plans-the catering tent. I was hoping that it was ten-cent chicken wing night for myself, and I wanted to get Peanut a nice mesclun mix salad (he loves that raspberry dressing, you know, when they sprinkle the blue cheese and walnuts on top?)

Alas no wings in sight, but I did manage to get some form of trencher called a "wiener". As we ate our repast, I overheard a lady talking on the phone to someone named Mr. Cruze (could have been a "Mr. Cruise", I suppose). She seemed quite agitated, and was waving her arms so wildly, I did not feel it safe to lift the visor of my helmet. She told this "Mr. Cruze" that they "did not need, nor did they want", something called a "Tent of Scientrology*" or a "Tent of Psychotromitry* set up at the protest"-I'm not sure what they were going on about exactly, since it took great concentration to get the "wiener" through the little slot in my helmet, but I will update you if I find out more.

*Note from the Chronicler-
To whom it my concern-
The use of the fictional words Scientrology and Psychotomitry is a literary device, and any resemblance to a real "Religion" or "Tech" is coincidental, so please don't hurt us, or make us take a "personality test" to find out how "toxic" we are. Thank you, and have a nice, "clear", day.
8/25/2005 04:40:00 PM |
  • The woman speaking to Mr. Cruise obviously hasn't done the research and have an understanding of what protesting is really about. And as she is a professional protestor, it is really disappointing to see that she has not done this.

    By Blogger Quincykids, at 9:43 AM  
  • I'm really not sure what you meant. I think you sort of missed the point of the piece. I think you meant either-

    1)you meant to refer to the good Sir Tad Babbert, rather than the woman in the sense that he doesn't have an understanding of what protesting is all about, since it was written from his point of view, and he was the one concerned about chicken wings, rather than getting the message out. If this is so, let me assure you that the good Sir Tad is not a professional protester, he is a Knight Simplar, and therefore should be cutteth some slack.

    2) you were trying to cleverly say that I am the professional protester, i.e. blogger, and that I should know better, but my voice was not the woman on the phone, it was again the good Sir Tad. If this is so, I am familiar with both protesting and chicken wings, and I deny no ones right to either.

    3) you are a mole for a particular belief system popular with Hollywood stars, and you believe that protesting is really about allowing your tents to be set up at protests, and that was a poorly designed, thinly veiled threat against me-if that is the case, please accept my apologies and see the disclaimer attached to the piece.

    Please clarify which of these was you point, if any.

    Thank you, and have a nice "clear" day.

    By Blogger Tad Babbert, at 4:47 PM  
  • Sir Knight,

    First: Thank you for your level of engagement. You are a true guardian of the faith.

    Second: You mistake my intentions entirely though and you miss the mark in your perceptions of my comment. My sincere apologies if they were too vague.

    To Clarify: My intent was to mock "Mr. Cruise" by drawing a parallel to his interview with Matt Lauer of the Today Show in which he made an a#$ out of himself. Such behavior is not unusual for Mr. Cruise, but in this case it was in refering to Matt's apparent ignorance regarding a subject that he (Mr. Cruise) had done "much more research on" and "knew much more about." Furthermore, Mr. Cruise found this "really disappointing" about Matt Lauer. The whole thing was like watching a car crash. I do tip my hat to Matt Lauer for handling it all like a pro and not just whipping him like the school boy he is.

    I believe the interview can still be found in MSNBC's video archive. This took place during the promotional tour for War of the Worlds.

    My best regards in your quest, and again my apologies for the confusion. And as you say - Praise God, God be with you.

    By Blogger Quincykids, at 10:06 AM  
  • Ahh, alas my goode quincykidds, I doe also apologizeth to thee and thine. For aftere years of battle, I fear that I am too quick into the breach at tymes.

    I then thank thee for thine wyttye comments on mine site, and do fully retract mineself to my verrye berrye wyne. Goode Daye.

    By Blogger Tad Babbert, at 12:30 PM  
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